This is a list of Lockwood International’s different categories of products:

Carbon Steel Pipe

Lockwood International delivers one of the largest global pipe and tubular inventories. We substantially cut delivery times for the pipe you need.
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Carbon Steel Fittings & Flanges

Our expansive fittings & flanges inventory allows us to deliver what you need when you need it.
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Stainless Steel Pipe

Lockwood International provides a wide selection of stainless steel pipe to handle the increased requirements associated with extreme environments.
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Stainless Steel Fittings & Flanges

As your PVF Connection, Lockwood International carries one of the largest inventories of stainless steel fittings & flanges to meet the higher demands of extreme environments.
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Lockwood International provides a broad range of valves that are available in a wide variety of materials from today’s leading valve manufacturers to fully meet even the most complex and unique requirements.
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Valve Automation

Lockwood International is a leader in providing high quality valve automation solutions with timely delivery to meet our customers’ unique needs around the world.
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Engineered Products

Lockwood International works directly with you to provide the engineered products you need when you need them. We are your one-stop source for all of your projects.
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