Our Services

When you partner with Lockwood International, you are not only utilizing our years of specialization in valves but you have access to a whole host of value added services.

After 35 years of consistent quality and service, Lockwood International celebrates a new generation that many customers are discovering for the first time as their valve and automation connection.

Our Value Added Services:

  • Massive In Stock Valve Inventory (ready-to-ship), Storage & Marshaling, and Logistics
  • Technically based management of valves and actuation, QA/QC, Design & Production Engineers and Valve Consultants, Inspection & PMI
  • Project Management at any phase (specification review, standardization, post FEED, order development, through to order execution)
  • Dedicated MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) Department 24/7/365
  • Machining (Modifications, Repairs, & NDE testing), Field Service, Light Manufacturing, In-House Cleaning Room
  • Documentation Department & Online MTRs
  • Short Sales and Pick-Up Group ready
  • Cost Control

Massive In Stock Valve Inventory, Storage & Marshaling, and Logistics

From the moment you partner with us we can begin to build your own custom inventory. We can provide marshaling, and consignment storage with stocked consignment bins at client’s request. We provide logistics on delivery for your convenience, no matter where you are in the world. 

In-House Machining (Modifications, Repairs, & NDE testing)

We can provide In-House trim conversions, packing, live loading and gaskets. Extensions, flange installation, repair and modifications as well as gear installations. By-Pass and Drain Connections and schedule changes, as well as soft seating inserts. We also provide NDE testing: API 598 (hydrostatic), RT (Radiographic), MT (Magnetic Particle), LP (Liquid Penetrant) and PMI (Positive Material Identification).

Short Sales and Pick Up Group Ready Modifications

Lockwood International uses only approved certified and audited modification shops. From changing an end connection to testing, and everything in between, Lockwood International has you covered.

From concept to completion – followed by maintenance, Lockwood International delivers.