The Midstream industry is typically associated with Downstream, however what makes Lockwood International unique is that our Upstream sector of the oil and gas industry consolidates both the Upstream and Midstream sectors into one.

Upstream includes the exploration of potential underground or underwater oil and gas fields and subsequently operating the wells that recover and bring the crude oil and/or raw natural gas to the surface. This also includes the production and processing of those oil and gas assets once the discovery has been found to be commercially viable. Gathering and the transmission of those assets is also included as part of Upstream, as is gas storage.

Lockwood International’s defined areas of the oil and gas industry considered Upstream are as follows:

  • Exploration
  • Production
  • Gathering, Intrastate Pipelines
  • Processing
  • Transmission, Interstate Pipelines
  • Natural Gas Distribution Companies
  • Gas Storage (Depleted Field or Salt Dome Caverns)
  • LNG - Gas to Liquids (GTL) and the re-gasification process

Lockwood International Upstream provides “Best in Class” valve products, actuation, controls and service to the Global Upstream market.

Value Added Services

Lockwood Upstream Division is a stocking distributor of API 6D Ball, Gate, Check, and Plug valves servicing the oil & gas gathering, transmission, and storage industries.


  • Pups
  • Extensions
  • Lube Lines


  • API 6D
  • API 6D Extended
  • NDE – Radiography / Ultrasonic / Magnetic Particle


  • Enhanced control systems / control panels
  • Retro-fit consultation
  • Installation, service, and repair