HF Alkylation (Acid)

In recent years, the HF Alkylation market has undergone many changes. UOP has emerged as the sole licensor for all existing and future HF Alkylation units worldwide. Refiners are demanding optimum performance and reliability from their HF Alkylation units and at the same time extending the time between turnaround and maintenance operations out to all time highs. The limited base of approved valve manufacturers keep virtually no factory inventory of these specialty valves on hand. Traditional distribution channels find it hard to justify keeping adequate supplies of these valves on hand due to their higher unit cost and low inventory turns. Refineries are routinely experiencing problems in getting HF Alkylation valves in a timely manner.

Lockwood International’s innovative business model along with our unique partner relationship with our manufacturers gives us the ability to service this market better than anyone. We maintain a close working relationship with UOP to insure that the valves we distribute are designed, manufactured and tested to be in complete compliance with all UOP technical requirements. We maintain the largest in stock valve inventory in the western hemisphere. No other PVF supplier can say the same. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and help in you with your HF valve requirements.

Some typical applications include:

  • Acid Storage Drum
  • Acid Settler
  • Fresh Acid Pump
  • Alkylation Reactor
  • Acid Circulating Pump
  • Acid Dump Drum
  • ISO Stripper Feed Surge Drum
  • ISO Stripper Feed Pumps
  • HF Stripper Feed Pumps
  • Acid Filling and Pumpout
  • Rapid Acid Transfer
  • Acid Regenerator
  • Polymer Surge Drum